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Dear teachers and dancers!

You can quickly launch your online course for students all over the world, for professionals, students, beginners, or for children.
You can create, upload various options: lessons and workshops on a specific ballet technique, ballet exercises, rehearsals, thematic master classes and earn on views.
The online education market is growing at 60% annually.

The global trend of today is micro-learning.

What is micro-learning: By micro-learning we mean crushing information into small pieces. So the information will be remembered more deeply, with a small amount of information it is easier to work. And if you take into account that many courses today are held on a mobile, then small videos are just the amount that will not cause difficulties for users. Online education market leaders today include this principle in their work. In the world today, many mini-courses are launched that pump one skill.

In ballet, this trend is essentially a system of quality education.
You can record small specific videos so that users all over the world can learn ballet.

High-quality online education is the direction the world is moving today.

Free schedule, convenient for everyone. The opportunity to study the information that you need. The opportunity to learn from teachers who live in different parts of the world and have different, necessary, useful experience and knowledge. And online education provides more opportunities for personalization compared to the classic one.

An increase in the share of online education is observed in all market segments.

The goal of the World Ballet Class platform to make online education in ballet expandable and accessible to everyone.

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