Financial Conditions

  • The Teacher himself sets the price of the video lesson and the following conditions:
  • Number of days to view
  • Number of password activations
  • Money for a sold video lesson is credited directly to the teacher’s account in Stripe Connect
  • The payment system automatically keeps the Stripe Connect processing fee 2.9% of + $ 0.3 from each payment.
  • Payment system automatically transfers 40% WBC application fee to the platform account

Here you can see how much you will receive in your bank account,

depending on the price of the lesson.

Special conditions for famous ballet schools and companies.

WBC application fee includes:

  • Marketing, advertising and promotion.
  • Posting information about the features of the video tutorial
  • Create a personal Teacher landing page
  • Easy Video Uploading
  • Creating several video qualities for best playback on any devices and any Internet connection speed.
  • Payment for video content storage on hosting
  • Protecting video content from copying and unauthorized viewing
  • Delivery of a video stream in the countries of the world through a high-speed network CDN

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