Types of video master classes

Many people think that creating a video master class is difficult and costly. 

In fact – your lesson will be unique, and this is the main value. Always remember it, please!
In order to watch content expensive in production of which, people go to the cinema.
If you have unique knowledge and experience, this is the main thing in the content. And we are sure that you have unique knowledge and experience. It simply cannot fail to exist if you are a ballet teacher, dancer, or ballerina.
Important – your content must be unique, convey your thoughts, knowledge, your words, experience and your personal views.


  • Animation. It can be in the form of video infographics with drawings. The animation itself is quite expensive, but perhaps you have a talent not only in the field of ballet, but also in the field of animated drawings.
  • Video series of photos. For some, it’s boring; others may like it. It is done simply and quickly, the question is to take the necessary photos, create a video from them and voice them with your accurate and professional comments.
  • Shooting on camera \ phone. We think everyone imagines such master classes.
  • Podcast. It is possible to record audio with a static picture. In some cases, it can be useful and interesting to users. Note: the text should be very legible.
  • Presentation. In some cases, a presentation (slides with images and texts) can be very useful and informative.

The market for online education in the world is growing at an incredible pace every year. The growth rate of this market is in different niches from 5% to 30% per year, experts say. Now is the time for you to become part of this fast-growing world!

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