lessons Topics Examples

Every professional can make their own channel concept.
Each of you has a unique set of knowledge
Here are just some examples of possible topics for video tutorials:
  • Specific Positions That Give Character To Your Dance.
  • Learn how you can create different positions in Swan Lake so that you can give the correct character to your dance.
  • Fundamentals of Pas De Deux. AAAAAA is discussing what it means to dance together by explaining partnering skills and lead & follow.
  • «Don Quixote» and the character of Kitri. Features of movement, positions, arms and body.
  • 1st variation in Grand Pas from the Paquita ballet, choreography by M. Petipa and its technical actions.
  • Medora, Corsair A. Adan, choreography by J. Perrault, M. Petipa and Its character.
  • Musicality Is Stronger Than “To be in time“
  • Morning ballet class for dancers by AAAAAAAAA
  • Men’s technique class
  • How to strengthen the foot. Exercises.
  • How ballerinas stretch their body.
  • Ballerina AAA. 5 exercises for stretching and flexibility of the body.
  • Pirouettes. 5 tips from a ballerina \ dancer \ teacher AAAA
  • Pirouettes. Exact rules of execution. Mistakes. Control points.
  • Battement frappe. Rules of execution. Common mistakes. Control points.
  • Grand battement jete. Rules of execution. Common mistakes. Control points. Balance.

For beginners:

  • Beginner Ballet Online Class Series
  • Beginner Ballet Class: Lesson 1 
  • Beginner Ballet Class: Lesson 2
  • Adult beginner ballet class
  • Ballet for everyone. History, basic concepts, postures
  • Adagio. Ballet for beginners. 
  • Ballet. Foot position. Agrippina Vaganova.
  • Eversion of the legs. Useful exercises.
  • Features of the growth and physical development of children, how to prevent injuries and raise a healthy child who is engaged in dance and ballet.
  • Grand jete. Exact rules of execution. Common mistakes. Control points.
  • Want to know what dancer do to stay in shape? Here is video from AAAAAAAAA: Stretch and warm up exercise.

  • Ballet flexibility training by AAAAA

  • Russian ballet technique. The position of the body and hands in the “Swan Lake” ballet . The correct position. Common mistakes. Control points. By AAAAAAA

  • Russian ballet technique. The position of the body and hands in the ballet “Raymond”. The correct position. Common mistakes. Control points. By AAAAAAA

  • Female variation plug-in in the part “Enchanted Garden” of the “Corsair” ballet. Choreography by M. Petipa. Posing, hands, gestures. The correct position. Mistakes Control points. By AAAAA

  • Pas ballotte. Vaganova technique. Russian classical ballet technique. The correct execution. Mistakes. Control points.

  • Male variation from the Paquita ballet. Exact execution. Incorrect execution, errors .. What needs to be controlled. By…….

  • Jazz Dance Class | Stretching & Strengthening with ………………….

  • Contemporary ballet class by AAAAAA

  • Vaganova Method. Russian Classical ballet. Hand positions.

For kids:

  • Kids Ballet Class ( 4-5 years old) by AAAA
  • Ballet class for student 7-9 yrs, level 1 ballet class
  • Pas De Chat – Kids Ballet Class
  • Arabesque – Kids Ballet Class
  • Plie – Kids ballet class
  • Plie and Releve. Kids ballet class
  • How to develop ballet qualities for a child
  • Preparation for pointe shoes. Best exercises

You can come up with your own topics, your teaching models, the world of ballet is multifaceted, perhaps it is your new and unique master classes that will be the most demanded in different countries.
World Ballet Class – expanding opportunities for teachers to raise beauty in the world!

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