Youre Video Lessons about

  • Video should be attractive, sound loud enough, words legible.
  • One videoone clear theme.
  • We recommend publishing free videos sometimes, so visitors can get to know you.
  • We recommend creating a videos with the announcement of your new themes, which represent what you will talk about in detail in your paid videos.
  • Tag each video with precise thematic tags to make your video easy to find.
  • We recommend do not set high prices for all lessons, only for very unique ones, so many visitors can watch.
  • Then you can earn on the number of views, and not on the high cost of each view.
  • For visitors are easier to pay for inexpensive and high-quality video and interesting information.
  • Write all the necessary information on your WBC channel so students can easily find your channel.
  • Name each of your videos exactly so that users can easily find your video when searching.
  • Video recordings of ballet and dance can be entertaining and educational.
  • WBC is an educational platform. But everyone has knowledge that he can share with his audience for free. Thus increasing the number of people interested in ballet and your WBC channel.
  • If you have knowledge that you want to share for free, you can also publish it on your WBC channel.
  • Share information about your new videos in your social media accounts so more students will know about your new videos and master classes!

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