Frequently asked Questions

World Ballet Class works only with professional ballet teachers, with well-known schools and companies.

World Ballet Class works with different styles of ballet.

If you want to have your own channel and present video lessons on WorldBalletClass as a teacher, please follow this instruction 

Read these instructions, please, than: Register here  and send us an email with information about yourself (CV. Info)

If you want to have channel for ballet school and present your video lessons, please follow this instruction 
Read these instructions, please, Register here and send us an email with information about ballet school.

If you want to have your channel and present video lessons on WorldBalletClass, please follow this instruction 

Register here  and send us an email with information about ballet company

First of all the lessons of professional teachers, schools with professional teachers, companies and famous dancers.

All lessons on platform determined by levels:

  • – Professional
  • – Advanced
  • – Intermediate
  • – Beginner
  • – Amateur
  • – For children
  • – For all
  • – For ballet educators, teachers

The level for each lesson is set by the teacher.

A lesson can be of any duration – for example, 10 minutes-1 hour. It is important that the lesson is useful to the student. The duration of the lesson depends on the topic of the lesson.

We believe that there should be: One lesson = One exact topic.

Some topics that can be explained, shown in 15 minutes. And this will be useful to the student, he will be able to watch the lesson many times and understand how and what to do.

Other topics, such as class, that are longer. If we are talking about Class, then since there are a lot of free classes on the Internet, it is better to make Classes that are for a specific level and have precise goals.

Many topics that can be shown and explained in the video tutorial.  Foe example, technical topics, dramatic, artistic, character, psychology and much more.

An important topic is also the health of the dancer.

We know that students buy is the exact topic. Detailed explanation.

Classes without explanation for free are many on YouTube. We have other strategy – each lesson should be useful to the student and teach new things, show important aspects.

We strive for quality and useful lessons where the student can learn.

We see that if student like one lesson, then he further stay with this teacher.

This is decided by each teacher himself about each lesson. Writes to us, we program.

Someone decides to give 2 days of access for the assigned price, someone 3, others 5 days, 7 days. You can have any number of days. During these days, the student can watch any number of times. Deeply study, try and repeat.

Also, channel owner decides how many devices to give access to. Basically, teachers give access to 2 devices. (for example, the student can watch on the phone and on the computer, or on the phone and TV screen). You can give access to more devices.

This is limited so that many people together do not allow access for 10-15 and more students for one price.

No. Now it’s free. I invited you. The platform earns by the fee from each sale. See financial conditions


You need to decide whether it will be a personal channel, or a company channel.

If this is a company’s channel, then you yourself need to decide on agreements with your teachers. The World Ballet Class does not control this; it is your professional and business relationship with your teachers. This is in the contract between the channel owner and the platform, it is signed online at the time the channel owner connects his account to receive payments. All rights to the content are with the owner of the channel. And the owner of the channel himself determines his business conditions with everyone who is on the video.

We make channels for all teacher\schools\companies ourselves to look harmonious. All information is sent to us, we will organize everything for teachers\schools to have a channel. We also see the information sent and try to correct it if the information is not enough, too much, we advise if we see how to improve.

Lessons are also sent to us, we check the lesson, its  topic and description. And we ourselves are laying out everything for you, checking that it works exactly, the protection is standing, the description is accurate.

If we see that it is better to change something, we write about it to you.

In the description of each lesson, we recommend writing what will happen in this lesson. It’s better to write more details so that your channel visitors understand why they need this lesson and what they learn.

Everyone sends us:

  • Name of the channel
  • Information about yourself, your school. 2-3 subheadings.
  • 3 photos are horizontal, 3 vertical, 3 square – so that we can lay out information on the cover and make a channel.
  • Video greeting to the visitor. 2-3 minutes with a presentation of yourself and information about what your channel is about.
  • A short text greeting to your students.
  • There may be more photos.
  • You can look at examples on the channels of the TEACHERS page

All information is in the same language as the video tutorials.

If there are several languages, then information is needed in each language.

It is also necessary to consider your conditions for students to access your video lessons. We recommend that you provide access to each lesson for several days (so that the student can study deeply and move on to the next lesson) and on several devices (we basically set the condition – access on 2 devices, it can be a phone and a computer, or a phone and the TV screen, we see that the students, having gained access, look like that – they learn through viewing on large screens, and also watch on mobile devices). The cost of access to the lessons is also determined by each video owner individually, send me all the info and my team is already programming and posting everything on the platform with agreed terms. You can always change access conditions and prices.

We all check that only high-quality and professional teachers, schools and lessons are on the platform. And we help all channel owners. They do not need to spend time to learn the program, we will do everything. And teachers and schools will have more time to think and do the most useful lessons for their students and for those who may be their new online students.


After the channel is launched and the first lesson is posted, we connect the channel to the payments to the accounts of the channel owners. Payment takes place through STRIPE, all buyers can quickly pay through cards and get access to the lessons they need. Fee platforms are automatically charged for each payment. Also, automatically every owner of the channel receives a payment from the buyer minus the fee of the platform and payment system. To receive payments you need to create your account in Stripe.

If you do not know how to create an account in the STRIPE – write to us, we will send instructions, or we will help by phone. STRIPE is one of the largest payment systems in the world.

This means that students are buying a connection to the video lesson that they need, a connection for the number of days specified in the description of this lesson and for the number of devices specified in the description.

During this period student\buyer can watch the video lesson any number of times. We are sure that this is important since it is impossible to learn ballet technique in one view. All teachers give the opportunity to learn deeply every lesson.

  • The Teacher\Company\school decides the price of the video lesson and the following conditions:
  • Number of days to view
  • Number of password activations
  • Money for a sold video lesson is credited directly to the teacher’s account in Stripe Connect
  • Fee of platform automatically go to platform. 

What is Stripe?

  • Stripe is an international system for secure online payments using plastic cards. It like Paypal, but other system – more  useful for online businesses.
  • Stripe acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller, who makes payment safe from the point of view of information security.
  • Stripe solves all card payment problems, including storing card data, recurring payments and withdrawals to your bank account.
  • Stripe system features high payment processing speed and security
  • WBC uses Stripe for payment methods: Visa and Mastercard.
  • You can receive money from your customers from anywhere in the world.

You can see many worldwide companies working with using Stripe 

Accordion Content

Today, technology is so advanced that video recording of a good phone is often better than from a camera. But – the lesson must be done qualitatively.

We recommend Full HD 1920 x 1080 .mp4 horizontal orientation 16:9.

We know that many students watch lessons on large screens. The quality should be good so that the image on the big screen will be bright, clear, the sound is clear.

Apply to Become a Teacher

I am sure that you do have what to share with the ballet world and I will be glad if you join the World Ballet Class project. I am ready to answer to any of your questions and discuss our offer. 

Best regards,
Marina Bakanova,
Founder of World Ballet Class educational ballet platform

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