How to buy Your Video Lessons

  • What does it mean “Buy a video lesson”. This means that you are buying a connection to the video lesson that you need, a connection for the number of days specified in the description of this lesson and for the number of devices specified in the description.
  • During this period, you can watch the video lesson any number of times. We are sure that this is important, since it is impossible to learn ballet technique in one view. All teachers give you the opportunity to learn deeply every lesson.
  • To choose a lesson go to the menu on “Master classes” or “Teachers” pages.
  • Choose a lesson or teacher from a lists.
  • Select lessons you want to buy, go to a cart, and pay for lessons by credit card.
  • After payment you will receive first email confirming your purchase and second one with a link to a video lesson and your password.
  • If you didn’t receive the email, check the SPAM folder.
  • Please, read the Terms of License carefully as well as Additional information to each lesson.
  • The days of use are the period during which you can watch your video.
  • During this period you can watch video any number of times per day.
  • The first day of use is the day when you enter your password. 
  • The number of devices specifies the number of gadgets from which you can watch video.
  • You use the same link and the same password for every device. 

If you have any questions contact us [email protected]

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