Victor Litvinov


My name is Victor Litvinov and welcome to my class.
After more than 43 years of experience as Ballet Master in some of the finest theatres in the world, I am confident that I offer the highest standard of classical ballet training. I am dedicated to helping my students develop the skills I have learned over the years. My classes offer an advanced level of training, along with the development of greater strength and energy.

Victor Litvinov


Victor Litvinov appeared in the male role of “Pas de Trois” in Swan Lake, as “Bluebird” in Sleeping Beauty, as “Hilarion” in Giselle, “Basilio” in Don Quixote, as well as dancing the “Pas de Deux” in Le Corsaire, and “Garmody” in Spartacus. 

He continued to perform in many other classical ballets. In 1969 in Moscow he won first prize as a dancer in the “Third competition for new choreographers in the USSR”.
Litvinov left the former Soviet Union, and then taught for one season as Ballet Master for the ballet company and school at the Rome Opera House in Italy, launching his carrier as teacher and ballet master. He has taught in many famous theatres, particularly in Canada and Italy.
Today Victor Litvinov lives in Florence, Italy, where he collaborates with “Dancer at Work”: ballet classes for professional dancers.
In March 2019, he was guest Ballet Master at the Estonian National Ballet directed by Thomas Edur.


1969 ‐ 1977
Teatro Opera e Balletto di Odessa (Principal Dancer)
1978 ‐ 1982
Les Ballets Russes de Montréal (Maître de Ballet)
Les Grand Ballets Canadiens (Maître de Ballet)
Ballet Jazz de Montréal (Maître de Ballet)
Teatro dell’Opera ‑ Rome (Teacher)
Dance Studio ‑ Renato Greco (Teacher)
1982 ‐ 1985
Aterballetto ‐ Reggio Emilia (Maître de Ballet)
Arena di Verona (Maître de Ballet)
1986 ‐ 1992
National Ballet of Canada by Erich Bruhn (Maître de Ballet)
1992 ‐ 1995
Teatro dell’Opera ‐ Rome (Teacher)
Dance Studio di Renato Greco ‐ Rome (Teacher)
1996 ‐ 2000
Balletto di Toscana (Maître de Ballet)
National Ballet of Canada (Maître de Ballet)
Stuttgart Ballet (Maître de Ballet)
Teatro San Carlo ‑ Naples (Maître de Ballet)
Arena di Verona (Maître de Ballet)
Badisches Staatstheater ‑ Karlsruhe (Maître de Ballet)

2001 ‐ 2003
Company of Fondazione Piccinini ‐ Bari (Maître de Ballet)
Aterballetto (Maître de Ballet)
Aterballetto (Teacher of professional courses)
Greek National Opera of Athens (Maître de Ballet)

2004 ‐ 2009
Theater Regensburg ‐ Regensburg (Maître de Ballet)
Teatro dell’Opera ‐ Rome (Maître de Ballet)
National Ballet of Canada (Maître de Ballet)
Centro di danza Balletto di Roma (Teacher)
In 2005 he plays Kubin, a Ballet Master in the movie “Passo a due” directed by Andrea Barzini with Kledi Kadiu and Laura Chiatti.
Maître de ballet at the Vancouver City Dance Theatre (Vancouver, Canada)
Teacher of Professional Courses at School Bartolomei (Roma, Italia)
From 2012 to March 2015
Artistic Director at Centro Danza e Movimento of Florence, for Intensive Classes of Ballet.
Victor Litvinov now lives and teaches at DANCER AT WORK in Florence, collaborating on a training project for professional dancers.

Prizes and Competitions of Litvinov’s students

1984 Prix de Lausanne: Eugenio Buratti (Gold ‐ Medaglia d’oro)
1989 The Second International Erik Bruhn Competition ‐ Toronto:
Stephen Legate (Gold ‐ Medaglia d’oro)
1990 The Fourth USA International Ballet Competition‐ Jackson:
Pierre Quinn (Silver ‐ Medaglia d’argento)
1992 Vignale Prix ‐ Torino: Fabrizio Bartoli (Gold ‐ Medaglia d’oro)

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