Andrey Klemm class 1+2
Unique Class for Staatsballet Berlin from a teacher at Opera National de Paris.
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Unique masterclass from a teacher at Opera National de Paris.

Enjoy a unique ballet master-class of Andrey Klemm and train together with professional dancers. Andrey Klemm is a teacher of Opera National de Paris, formerly at Staatsoper Berlin, guest teacher at Bolshoi Ballet Moscow, Het National Ballet Amsterdam.

*Pay attention to “Days of Use” and “Number of Devices” you can use in “Additional information” below.  You can watch this lesson during the Days of use any number of times. You can stop the video, return to the points you need, repeat, study all the nuances you need. You can learn this lesson in all the details you need. The viewing period starts from the moment the password is first entered.

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1 -Worm up
2 -Plie
3 -Battement Tendu 1
4 -Battement Tendu 2
5 -Battement Tendu 3
6 -Battement Tendu Jete
7 -Pique
8 -Rond de Jumbea Terre
9 -Fondu
10 -Rond de Jambe en l’Air
11 -Frappe
12 -Adagio
13 -Grand Battemett
14 -Releve
15 -Stretch

16 -Small Adagio
17 -Battement Tendu
18 -Battement Tendu Jete
19 -Fondu
20 -Pirouette&Adagio
21 -Grand Battement

22 -Saute
23 -Echappe
24 -Assemble
25 -Jete
26 -Brise
27 -Sissonne Fermee
28 -Big Jump 1 (Grand Saut 1)
29 -Big Jump 2 (Grand Saut 2)
30 -Grand Jete & Double Tour en l’Air
31 -Tour en l’Air (diagonal)
32 -Releve sur Pointes
33 -Tour en l’Air & Entrechatsix
34 -Manege Tour Pique & Jete en Tournant
35 -Assemble en Tournant
36 -Fouette & Grande Pirouette
37 -Port de Bras

Dancers in the Cast: Shoko Nakamura, Viara Natcheva, Maria-Helena Buckley, Marian Walter, Sergey Upkin, Taras Bilenko, Maria Seletskaja, Ulian Topos, IIenia Montagnoli.
Concept&Production: Andrey Klemm. Piano: Marita Mirsalimova.
Alexey Fedorov, Michael Nanz and Alexander Rott. Edit: Alexey Fedorov.
Spesial Thanks: Rev. Andre Sikojev, Annegret Gertz, Victor Arjona and Administration of Stateballet Berlin.
Photos: M.H. Buckley and K.U. Heinrich.