Strengthen ankles and toes pointes shoes workout for Intermediate students (12-13 to 15-16 years old) + Present


Classical ballet technique is not only about how much Pirouettes you do or how hight is your jump. It also has to be the between steps and the cleaness of the movement. The passage through the demi-pointe in classical ballet or neo-classical is very important. I designed for you this special pointes shoes workout to strengthen your ankles and toes.

Additionally, a gift lesson: “Adeline Pastor answering questions about pirouettes”

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Due to the influence of the COVID-19 , the lesson contents made for  “stay-home”. The recording is also taken at home during pandemic time ,thank you for your understanding.

*Pay attention to “Days of Use” and “Number of Devices” you can use in “Additional information” below.  You can watch this lesson during the Days of use any number of times. You can stop the video, return to the points you need, repeat, study all the nuances you need. You can learn this lesson in all the details you need. The viewing period starts from the moment the password is first entered.

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