MASTER CLASS Andrey Klemm & Little Ballerina.



Enjoy a unique ballet master class of Andrey Klemm

The teacher at Opera National de Paris, guest teacher at Bolshoi Ballet Moscow, Het National Ballet Amsterdam.

*Pay attention to “Days of Use” and “Number of Devices” you can use in “Additional information” below.  You can watch this lesson during the Days of use any number of times. You can stop the video, return to the points you need, repeat, study all the nuances you need. You can learn this lesson in all the details you need. The viewing period starts from the moment the password is first entered.

Duration in minutes:






Days of use:


Number of devices:


1. Warm up
2. Plie
3. Battement Tendu 1
4. Battement Tendu 2
5. Battement Tendu 3
6. Battement Tendu Jete 1
7. Battement Tendu Jete 2
8. Rond de Jambe a Terre
9. Fondu
10. Rond de Jambe en l’Air
11. Frappe
12. Adagio
13. Grand Battement
14. Releve
15. Stretch

Little Ballerina: Siloe Vanuxen. Film Director: Andrey Klemm. Piano: Marita Mirsalimova Photos: Maria-Helena Buckley. Design: Victor Arjona. Camera: Denis Sneguirev, Philippe Chevallier, Jeremie Cuviller, Victor Arjona. Sound: Fred Dabo. Re-recording Mixing: Christiphe De Pinho.

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