Reasons why we love ballet so much!

Ballet allows people to develop all sides.

Because it’s so complex, you have to train both mind and body. Creative and artistic, yet mathematical at times, it requires the understanding of biomechanics for an in-depth journey into the movements of the body.
Ballet transforms limiting thoughts and feelings into strengths and works on your emotional and physical intelligence.

Everybody knows you have to be fit and have physical endurance, but you also have to develop your muscle memory to be able to focus more on the performance. Those steps should be ingrained in your memory.
Ballet especially requires such a level of precision that it’s only possible to achieve through hours and hours of practice. When the music starts, your moves have to flow smoothly.



Dancing also helps you in your personal development. You have to get used to social pressure: everyone is looking at you, both trainers and the audience expect things from you.
Basically, you not only have to try your best to win the competition, but you also have to please the crowd.
Being a dancer also helps you grow your communication skills, especially in connection to your dance partners!

Last but not least, you become more self-confident because you can’t go out there and show them what you got if you devalue yourself as a person.

Ballet gives us wings! Being dancers, we can dream, we can fly, we can be creative every minute of every day — and that is probably the most important part


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