Vaganova’s technique, teachers with video lessons for various student’s levels.

Vaganova’s method

Today, Vaganova’s method is the most famous approach for classical ballet instruction. It is a unique choreography approach allowing systematically identifying physical qualities, maintaining proper physical background and developing amazing abilities of ballet dancers.

Many Ballet Masters whose lessons you can find on are world-famous masters, who’s had their training rooted in Vaganova’s method in Russia and had many years of successfully applying those principles in teaching the classical ballet.

Mr. Andrey Klemm is also guest teacher, among others, at the Bolshoi Theater, Stuttgart Ballet, the Saxon State Opera in Dresden, Dusseldorf Opera House, the Dutch National Opera, the New National Theatre in Tokyo, the Vienna State Opera, the Royal Opera House in London, and the Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch.

His repertoire includes ballets by Marius Petipa, Lev Ivanov, Natalia Kasatkina, Vladimir Vassiliev, Pierre Lacotte, Valery Panov, Yury Vamos, George Balanchine, Maurice Bejart, Rudolf Nureyev, Roland Petit, Kenneth McMillan, Alberto Alonso, Patrice Bart, John Neumeier and Mats Ek.

Studied at State Ballet Academy in Perm (Russia). After her training at State Ballet Academy in Perm she started her dancing career at the Moscow Classical Ballet.
In 1995 joined the Staatsoper Unter den Linden Berlin (now Staatsballett Berlin) as a principal. Nadja Saidakova works as a guest teacher with „Internationals Ballet Masterclass“ in Prague, San Francisco Ballet School, „Wise Ballet Company“ in Seoul/Suwon, Ostrava Ballet Company, Brno Ballet School, Taiwan Ballet Company, Hessische Staatsballett.
Since 2017 ballet Mistress Staatsballett Berlin.

Internationally renowned Ballet Dancer and Ballet Master with Russian background and huge international experience. He was the “First American Graduate of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy.”
Internationally renowned Ballet Dancer and Ballet Master with Russian background and huge international experience.
Michael Shannon was a Principal Dancer and danced for the Bolshoi Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet, Vienna State Opera Ballet, National Ballet of Portugal, Royal Swedish Ballet, Stars of the Bolshoi Ballet, Hungarian State Opera Ballet, and Kremlin Palace Ballet Theatre, with commendations from President Bush and President Clinton, and has performed for President and Mrs. Gorbachev, President Nazarbayev, and President and Mrs. Ford to name a few.

Graduated from the world-famous Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet (Russia, St. Petersburg) in 1988. Mrs. Anastasia Dunets was a ballet dancer at the Mariinsky Theatre Ballet Company ( Sankt Petersburg, Russia), at the Staatsoper in Berlin and at the Finnish National Ballet in Helsinki, Finland.
Many students of Anastasia are laureates of ballet competitions, many students now work in prestigious ballet companies around the world.

First international student to graduate from Bolshoi Ballet School in Moscow! Winner of many world ballet competitions, principal dancer at many world well known ballet companies, at present time – world famous ballerina and teacher, jury members of many international ballet competitions.

He’d studied with legends of Russian Ballet. He was a famous dancer. And now a teacher for many decades. Among his students are a myriad of ballet stars. Today you have a unique opportunity to get detailed instructions from the Master.

A well-known all over the world dancer and ballet teacher, having a huge number of students and master classes in many countries. Graduated from the world-famous Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet (Russia, St. Petersburg). He was principal dancer at the Mariinsky Theatre Ballet Company in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, a Soloist at the Staatsoper in Berlin.

В 1999 году закончила Академию Русского Балета им. Вагановой (класс н. а. России Е.В. Евтеевой).

В 2018 году закончила с отличием магистратуру Академии Русского Балета им. А.Я. Вагановой по направлению педагогика балета. (курс И. А. Трофимовой). 1999-2009 – балерина в Мариинском театре. С 2009 – солиcтка Михайловского театра (Cанкт-Петербург, Россия).

Уроки по основам методики Вагановой на русском языке. Video lessons in Russian

Знаменитая Русская Балерина. Прима балерина театра Бориса Эйфмана, солистка Михайловского театра (Санкт-Петербург, Россия), Хореограф. Педагог балета, ведущая уроки как для профессионалов, для начинающих и для детей.

Видео уроки на Русском для начинающих, для профессионалов и для детей. Video lessons in Russian

Victor Litvinov gives master classes only to the best dancers, ballet stars and participants in prestigious ballet competitions.

You have a rare opportunity to learn from Victor Litvinov!

posee una Maestría en enseñanza de Ballet y Coreografía de la prestigiosa Academia Rusa Agripina Vaganova.  En 2018 diplomada en el estudio de posgrado de “Teoría e historia del arte” en la Academia de Ballet Vaganova.

Video lessons in Spanish!

Video lecciones en español!

World Ballet Class is very glad that new very experienced teachers who have unique knowledge of Vaganova’s method are constantly being added to the World Ballet Class video platform.

Video tutorials are also added very often so you can study them and all the details! Vaganova’s technique is unique. That is why a huge number of the most famous dancers in the world studied according to the Vaganova method.

World Ballet Class does everything to ensure that you have access to the best knowledges!

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