What is the biggest advantage of doing «Boris Knyaseff Floor Barre»?

«Boris Knyaseff Floor Barre» Method

“Boris Kniaseff Floor Barre” works very well for the eversion of the foot, for strengthening the feet, works out the inner, lower and upper legs. Works with precise back positioning in ballet. The lesson improves posture, works with all the muscles of the body. Involves the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks, shows the exact positioning of the hips, gives the correct ballet classical sensation of the shoulders.

“Boris Knyaseff Floor Barre” lessons gives correct and accurate sensations in the process of performing each exercise, which cannot always be felt at the barre, standing in an upright position.

The lessons also instill elasticity and mobility in the hip joint, gives general strengthening of the torso.



All this together – gives the dancer strength in the body and legs.

There is also work with the muscles of the neck – as a result, sensation of lengthening of the neck, which is important for ballet.

We pull calmly and carefully, we work with everything that is important, these exercises are useful for any dancer, including a beginner, on the floor, since there is no load on the backbone.

It helps you to dance better and reach your maximum potential!

  • If you want to stay in shape, despite all the difficulties associated with the pandemic and even improve your shape, then the unique Boris Knyaseff Floor Barre lessons from the famous ballet teacher Mrs. Nadja Saidakova are for you

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