Vaganova’s technique, teachers with lessons for various levels

Today, Vaganova’s method is the most famous approach for classical ballet instruction. It is a unique choreography approach allowing systematically identifying physical qualities, maintaining proper fitness and developing amazing abilities of ballet dancers.

Agrippina Vaganova; (26.06. 1879 – 05.11.1951) was a Russian-Armenian ballet teacher who developed the Vaganova method – the technique which derived from the teaching methods of the old Imperial Ballet School (today the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet) under the Premier Maître de Ballet Marius Petipa throughout the mid to late 19th century, though mostly throughout the 1880s and 1890s. 

It was Vaganova who perfected and cultivated this form of teaching the art of classical ballet into a workable syllabus. Her Fundamentals of the Classical Dance (1934) remains a standard textbook for the instruction of ballet technique. Her technique is one of the most popular techniques today.

Most Ballet Masters whose ballet classes and lessons you can find on World Ballet Class are world-famous masters, who’s had their training rooted in Vaganova’s method and had had many years of successfully applying those principles in teaching the classical dance.

We are proud to present teachers who do online ballet classes and online video lessons according to the Vaganova method:

Mr. Vladimir Djouloukhadze

He’d studied with legends of Russian Ballet. He was a famous dancer. And now a teacher for many decades. Among his students are a myriad of ballet stars. Today you have a unique opportunity to get detailed instructions from the Master.

Mrs. Emi Hariyama

First foreign student to graduate Bolshoi Ballet School (The Moscow State Academy of Choreograph) in Moscow! Winner of many world ballet competitions, principal dancer at many world well known ballet companies, at present time – world famous ballerina and teacher, jury members of many international ballet competitions, director of Japan International Ballet Company and Ballet teacher, working internationally.

Mr. Andrey Klemm

Teacher at Opera National de Paris with Russian background. Graduated Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow with Professor Alexander Bondarenko in 1985. He danced with many famous ballet theaters, and now a Ballet Master, working with best ballet theaters and with many ballet dancers and world stars.

Mickael Shannon

Legendary ballet dancer. International Ballet Master.
Creator of many professional trainings and programs for professional dancers, students, Ballet Companies, for ballet teachers, and ballet schools.


Shannon was trained on full scholarship at the School of American Ballet, the National Ballet School of Canada, and the Hungarian State Ballet Academy. Discovered by the Bolshoi at 16, he was the “First American Graduate of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy.”

Shannon was a Principal Dancer for the Bolshoi Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet, Vienna State Opera Ballet, Stars of the Bolshoi Ballet, Hungarian State Opera Ballet, and Kremlin Palace Ballet Theatre, with commendations from President Bush and President Clinton, and has performed for President and Mrs. Gorbachev, President Nazarbayev, and President and Mrs. Ford to name a few.

Mrs. Anastasia Dunets

Graduated from the world-famous Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet (Russia, St. Petersburg) in 1988. Mrs. Anastasia Dunets was a ballet dancer at the Mariinsky Theatre Ballet Company (Sankt Petersburg, Russia), at the Staatsoper in Berlin and at the Finnish National Ballet in Helsinki, Finland. For many years ыhe has been teaching classical ballet in different countries of the world. Many students of Anastasia are laureates of ballet competitions, many students now work in prestigious ballet companies around the world.

Mr. Stanislav Belyaevsky

A well-known all over the world dancer and ballet teacher, having a huge number of students and master classes in many countries. Graduated from the world-famous Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet (Russia, St. Petersburg). He was principal dancer at the Mariinsky Theatre Ballet Company in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, a Soloist at the Staatsoper in Berlin. For many years he has been teaching classical ballet in different countries of the world

Mrs. Vera Arbyzova

Famous Russian ballerina, prima ballerina of the world known Boris Eifman ballet company, soloist of the Mikhailovsky Theater (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), a teacher of classical and modern ballet for all levels. The teacher in the Context PRO Diana Vishneva ballet studio since the founding of the studio. Choreographer and teacher at the Ilze Liepa national school of ballet for many years.

Victoria Omelnitskaya (Kutepova)

Russian Ballerina and Ballet teacher. Graduated from the world-famous Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet (Russia, St. Petersburg) in 1999.
(class of A.A. of Russia E.V. Evteeva). Immediately in 1999 accepted into the troupe of the Mariinsky Theater. Since 2009, the soloist of the Mikhailovsky Theater (St. Petersburg, Russia). In 2018, Victoria graduated with honors from the master’s program in the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet (Russia, St. Petersburg), the direction of ballet pedagogy. (course of I. A. Trofimova).

Mayumi Sakamoto

Mayumi Sakamoto has a Master’s degree in Ballet and Choreography teaching from the prestigious Russian Academy Agripina Vaganova where her teachers were: Pyotr Silkin, Vadim Sirótin, Natalya Yanánis, Margarita Alfímova, and Irina. Trofímova in 2018 graduated in the postgraduate study of “Theory and history of art” at the Vaganova Ballet Academy. 

 Mayumi Sakamoto has an artistic career in Saint Petersburg Russia as a corps dancer within the repertoire of the great classics. For 25 years she has been a dancer in the corps de ballet at the Mussorgskogo-Mikhailovsky Opera and Ballet Theater in Saint Petersburg, Russia (Today – the world-famous Mikhailovsky Theater). She has worked as a ballet teacher and character dance teacher in seminars internationally: Denmark, Japan, Saint Petersburg, the Dominican Republic and Spain. From 2011 to 2014 and from 2014 to the present, she is also the coordinator of the ballets of the artistic director Nacho Duato in the direction of the Mikhailovsky Theater Ballet.

Today, the World Ballet Class has online video ballet classes and lessons according to the Vaganova technique for different levels. There are online video ballet classes and lessons for levels:

*Today Ballet Masters are recording video lessons in different languages. You can watch ballet classes abed video lessons in English, Russian, Japanese and Spanish.

Now you can learn from the stars who perfectly teach according to the Vaganova method. Lessons are constantly being added to help you get better every day!

We wish everybody who loves ballet to find the best teachers! Always yours, World Ballet Class team

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